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Tied for Pleasure

by Maria Shadoes

(written wayyyy back and not proofed for fear it wouldn't get posted)



Maria dropped her fetish-wear bag on the trunk at the foot of the bed, happy to be 'home'. She sat down next to it to slip her shoes off and gazed at the two pairs of stiletto's that were poking out of the side pocket of the bag. She had sure come a long way from the tomboy who never wore dresses or 'girlie clothes' and who adamantly refused to even attempt walking in anything with a heel higher than her cowboy boots. She unzipped the bag and removed her make-up case (another fairly recent acquisition) noticing as she did so how her new acrylic fingernails made her hands actually look feminine. As she headed for the vanity intending to remove the heavy make-up she'd worn out she felt a few sore muscles and enough overall fatigue to make her wonder how Lew was feeling.

It had been a fun-filled but hectic, tiring and arousing weekend. Like most weekends, it was filled with socializing and bondage. There had been a bondage party on Friday night, then photo-shoots (lots of bondage) on both Saturday and Sunday during the day. Saturday night they'd had Dave & Jade over to play after the shoot and tonight, Sunday night was the bondage party at the SPCC.

Somehow with all the playing and bondage that Maria and Lew did all weekend they hadn't had the chance to sneak off and satisfy their most intimate desires that are naturally spawned by this sort of fun and games. Maria hadn't quite made it out of the bedroom when Lew came in and she saw with tired delight that he was pulling the toybag full of rope behind him. She gave him a naughty grin despite her fatigue and said "So ya think we have the energy huh?" He came to her and put his arms around her somewhat tiredly, "Well, I'm thinking we should practice that tie we did earlier. Only this time I'm going to make use of that accessibility." 'Practice' is what they called home bondage play, dating back to the time before they were intimate and used 'practice' as an excuse to get the ropes out.

"Red, white or black?" Maria asked? Lew pondered for a minute before pronouncing red as his color choice for the evening. Maria groaned a bit, more for effect than any real sense of dread. The red pumps were still pretty new and REALLY tight. Nevertheless, the effect they had on Lew was well worth the discomfort they caused so she grabbed the shiny shoes from her bag, slipped out of her clothes and into the shoes, with a little help from some baby-oil they slipped on without too much agony.

No sooner were the shoes on her feet when she felt Lews weight pressing her face-down on the top of the bed. He felt so solid and warm. She relaxed under him enjoying the warm weight of him along the full length of her body. Lew was content to enjoy the physical closeness while he pondered how he wanted to alter the earlier tie for maximum accessibility and usage. While he thought out the details his hands absently encircled her wrists in a very solid, manacle-like grip. Maria marveled at how such a simple thing made her body come alive and shake off the last vestiges of fatigue. It happened every time, without fail and still amazed her how easily he could arouse her. The fact that he probably wasn't even aware that he was doing it made it all the sweeter. To at last have found a man who is completely and naturally dominant sexually thrilled her beyond words.

Lew must have worked all the details of the tie out because he shifted his weight slightly to grab some rope from his bag and toss it on the bed. He began unwinding it and wrapping it around her upper thigh. He stopped in the middle of that and maneuvered her so he could do some torso wraps that culminated somewhere behind her back after coming around the front under her arms. Maria loved the tight feeling of the rope and it sent sexual tingles throughout her knowing that the torso rope was probably to be used as Lews handle for holding her in place and moving her however he wanted her during sex.

Next, he returned to the thigh rope and used it to secure her leg in the bent position by attaching her thigh to her calf. He then tied that to a corner post of the bed and did the same with the other so that she was spread wide with her legs folded at the knee. Maria relaxed into the bondage and let Lew pull the ropes taut, securing her lower body in place. She loved the pleasure/pain of feeling herself stretched tightly. As always, Maria wiggled and strained her body to test exactly how restrained she was. Finding only an inch or two of movement in her lower body, and that only on the up & down axis, caused immediate moisture to flood between her spread thighs. She felt the cool hardness of her shoes tight against her ass and moaned in frustration when she realized that this position wasn't going to allow the accessibility necessary for sex.

While Maria writhed in those bonds Lew got busy tying her elbows together behind her back, followed rapidly by her wrists. Then he hooked another rope to her wrist rope and hoisted them up and back to a point on the bed frame above putting her into an improvised strapado position. Maria felt her shoulders stretching and a dull ache began in her wrists which only added to her sexual excitement and frustration. Lew must have added some rope to the chest harness because without knowing how it happened Maria found that she couldn't move from side to side anymore and her arms forced her torso slightly up. Her head was at the side of the bed and she opened her eyes to see Lew appear in front of her, fully aroused and inches from her mouth. Being a VERY oral person, she strained forward trying to reach his cock with her tongue.

She just didn't have enough movement to reach though and Lew chuckled at her plight. Maria's body had long since been taken over by the desire brought on by the rigid bondage. She wanted to beg him to face fuck her but could never seem to get the words out so instead she made a little pleading sound and continued in her vain effort to reach him, hoping he'd take pity on her and move within reach. He leaned forward to grab something off the bed and the tip of his swollen cock just brushed her lips causing another passionate groan to escape from her. When he straightened up he dangled a ring gag -a large one - in front of her face.

Maria's reaction to that was mixed. On the one hand a ring-gag meant that he probably would use her mouth...YUM! On the other hand though she didn't really like being forced open like that. Ring-gags keep your lips from getting full contact and she really loved and was craving FULL contact! Desire made her inner struggle a short one and she opened her mouth to accept the gag. Lew, being blessed with a perfectly sized (for Maria) cock, required a pretty good size ring and it was uncomfortably large in Maria's mouth. When the gag straps were fastened Lew grabbed a handful of Maria's hair and held her head exactly where he wanted it, which was back just a tad more than was comfortable for her. Then he just paused there, poised, and enjoyed her tormented anticipation before, finally, sliding the full length of his cock into her mouth. He held her head firmly and left his cock all the way in her mouth, blocking her airway until she started to struggle. Realizing that Lew had control of her entire body, even her breathing, nearly drove Maria over the edge. Lew withdrew enough for her to take a couple of quick breaths and then he slowly started face-fucking her with long, smooth strokes, giving her a rhythm that she could synchronize her breathing to. Occasionally he would slow his rhythm at the deepest point, causing Maria to to squirm in panic. Each thrust reverberated through her entire body and she could feel that she was soaking wet with wanting him.

She wondered if he was going to just use her mouth and groaned aloud at the thought of not feeling his cock in her pussy. She worked her tongue madly on his cock with each thrust at the same time she silently begged him to not cum in her mouth because she thought she'd go crazy if she had to wait for her own orgasm -- and she wanted it only from intercourse! Knowing that he very well might use her mouth only made her even hornier though. To be used, any way he wanted was what it ws all about for her.

Lew pushed in all the way and held himself there, enjoying Maria's whimpering struggles for air a moment before he reached down nd grabbed her nipple,, squeezing it hard enough to elicit a squeal from her as he pulled out of her mouth.

Lew clambered over the bed, and Maria to the other side where he untied her legs. She straightened them slowly and stretched them a bit to relieve the stiffness from them before he stretched each ankle to separate corner posts of the bed and pulled them tight. Maria moaned when she felt the end of a rope brush --accidentally? -- across her hypersensitive clitoris as he wrapped rope several times around her leg, just above the knee on each leg. Then he attached those ropes to the bottom of the bed frame and slowly tightened them, forcing Maria's legs to straighten until she was a complete straddle position. Just to make sure she wasn't going anywhere he then retightened the ankle spread ropes.

Maria was extremely flexible but this was pushing even her limits! The pain of being stretched and the feel of the ropes pulling on her ankles and wrists was enough to make her breath come in short gasps and every nerve in her body seemed to be concentrated in those areas or in the wet area between her spread thighs.

Lew couldn't resist any longer and knelt behind her and entered her slowly, all the way. Maria's world exploded. Right there. Right then. Feeling him fill her an stretch her was too much in her mindlessly aroused state. Lew chuckled a bit as he held himself fully penetrated and still, feeling her orgasming around him and hearing her cries of rapture. (Though she's sure she's quiet when she cums!)

He stayed that way a few moments until Maria's breathing regained some semblance of normalcy and then he began moving in and out, slowly at first, teasing them both until he felt her begin to respond again. He slowly increased the pace a bit and felt Maria try to move a bit underneath him. When she discovered that she couldn't move at all she doubled her efforts to move, seeing if she could throw him off at all. The realization hit them both that she was COMPLETELY immobile, unable to help herself by moving so much as an inch! For both Lew and Maria that was the catalyst needed for them to succumb to the storm raging within them. Her helplessness unleashed the full fury of their passion and they reached ecstasy within seconds of each other....

And that, my friends, is how sex should be!!!!!



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